Big Olive
Big Olive

Big Olive

The bifilar coil as a transmitter for the energy & ancient knowledge from the mountain olive tree.

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Big Olive Creates the Atmosphere of an Olive Grove in Your Home or Office.

Big Olive forms a direct connection to the mountain olive trees over any wireless connection. By way of an integrated bifilar coil, the energy and ancient knowledge of the mountain olive trees will be transported to your home or office.

We recommend: for rooms with up to 25 square meters (269 square feet) the „Small“ model; for rooms with up to 100 m² (1.076 square feet) the „Medium“ model; and for room over 100 m² (> 1.076 square feet) the „Large“ model. Each Big Olive also comes additionally with your own Olive Tree People Connection.

Ancient knowledge from the olive tree, homeopathy, naturopath, olive tree meditation.


„Ever since Big Olive has accompanied us in our new office,

profits have increased by almost 20 % because the creativity and ideas of our employees have reached an all-new level.“

„In the time that Big Olive has been hanging on the wall of our Santa Monica office,

sick leave has noticeably dropped and the joy of working has increased. We all work better as a team, we have much more fun with one another, and it feels as though Peace has moved in with us. The general mood has much changed for the better. Whether it has to do directly with Big Olive, or not- I can’t say. The fact is: it’s as though there’s magic in the air.“

„Since Big Olive, our children fight less and husband and I

eindeal with one another in a much more gentle manner. Since Big Olive, we sleep deeper and more soundly, and ever our dog has gone from hyperactive to relaxed. In a nutshell: ever since we brought the serene atmosphere of the mountain olive trees into our home, everything is, again, as it should be.“