Olive Tree People


It sounds crazy, I know:

Trees that speak, communicate, and counterbalance us? But what if they do and what if that’s exactly what we humans need now more than ever to get back into balance? Not so long ago hippies were ridiculed for hugging trees, but science has since confirmed what an incredible impact that vibrations, energy, and the information that trees provide can have on humans.

Since the advent of the internet, more and more people have connected through social networks and are increasingly losing the connection to their own nature.

For the first time in history, Olive Tree People is reconnecting people with their nature, that which creates balance in their lives, and it makes no difference whether they are on a mount of olives or in downtown L.A. We are now building the network through which millions of people will connect with their nature.

Imagine if you had had a chance at the beginning of the cell phone era to participate in building the network of cell towers. You’d now be earning from every single phone call and byte of data that now passes through these networks every single second of the day.

Well our towers are called OliveNetSets (olive tree + olive transmitter) and our time is NOW.

We look forward to speaking with you! Sincerely yours,

Thomas Lommel

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

Albert Einstein

People can only live for so long outside of natural laws until their lack of connection with nature begins to manifest itself through symptoms. With the increasing prevalence of lifestyle illnesses (more than 68 % of our society is affected), it is becoming clear how important it is to connect with our natures and get back into balance. It’s like nourishment for our souls. Homeopathic treatments from the olive tree. Connect with your olive tree, 24/7, anywhere in the world.

Lifestyle illnesses our time:

  • Sleep Disorders
  • Neurodermitis
  • Burnout
  • Depression
  • Allergies
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Obesity

Why this is a successful idea:

Immediately active in more than 100 countries, no logistics, no product transport, no regulatory approvals, already patented technology that’s one of a kind. Each user is simultaneously an active conservationist and is helping to save a protected nature reserve.

For whom:

Make money by protecting the environment, create customer loyalty through green values, build a global business small or extremely large, up to 60 % of people in Europe, USA and Asia already use homeopathic remedies.

We are:

Owners of 2.5 million m² of olive trees, founder of the cult label Oliveda, the greatest environmentalists in the region, the #1 investor in the nature reserve mountain olive trees, founder of the charity Brunnen für Afrika, providing wells in Africa.

OliveNetSets for whom?

Green Money

Return through innovation and environmental protection

Instead of putting your money on savings account, do you want to earn while supporting green innovation and protecting the environment, including a nature reserve?

Then take a closer look at our OliveNetSets: For example, our Violet OliveNetSet at a wholesale price of US-$ 1,995 (only available to registered Olive Tree People partners; otherwise the regular price of US-$ 2,495 applies). The wholesale price includes 21 OliveNetSet Olive connections or 7 OliveNetSet Big Olive connections. If all 21 OliveNetSet Olive connections are taken at a price of € 19.95, you will get 20 % of the revenues generated. At 100 % utilization, this represents earnings of US-$ 1,005 a year. With a 50 % utilization, you’ll earn about US-$ 500 a year. And even if only 25 % of the connections are taken, you’ll still earn US-$ 250 a year. If you purchase the set at US-$ 1,995, you’ll still get a ROI of more than 10 % a year even if you’re only at 25 % capacity.

OliveNetSets rise in value: What this means: with each 10 % utilization of all our OliveNetSets, their purchase price will be recalculated quarterly. Let’s suppose you buy one today and within the next 6 months we reach 50% capacity; the purchase prices for the OliveNetSets would rise by 50 %. This means that customers who learn about us six months down the road will not pay US-$ 1,995 like you did, but 50 % more, so US-$ 2,992.50. At 100% utilization, then the violet set will go for US-$ 3,990. This means that the value of your OliveNetSet will have doubled.

Due to the limited number of olive trees, there’s a good chance that demand will far outstrip supply.

Customer loyalty through green values

Make an impact through innovation and green values

How much are your good customers worth to you each month? What will you to make them even more loyal? Each OliveNetSet gives you 21 connections and opportunities for your VIP customers. OliveNetSets not only connect your customers with their nature but also your company.

Your own global business, large or small

With Olive Tree People and the OliveNetSets, you can set up shop in more than 100 countries immediately, without having to worry about logistics, transporting products, or seeking regulatory approvals. With Olive Tree People, you are not only an innovative entrepreneur ready to conquer the world; with us, you are also one of the greatest conservationists and helping to preserve an age-old nature reserve. Suppose you set up a small organization with Olive Tree People with 100 partners spread over several generations. How much would you take in?

If we assume that only your partners each sell only one Violet OliveNetSet each, and each of those only sells one set even though the world is full of people wanting to make a profit from green innovation and full of others who simply want to do something for the environment and even more who simply want to be the first to communicate with trees. So we assume just one set per partner.

In small organization with 100 partners following income is expected:

One-time profit approx. US-$ 20,000
Annual profit approx. US-$ 50,000

Earnings opportunities

Olive Tree People Inc. offers first-class career and earnings opportunities. The Olive Tree People compensation plan puts you on the road to financial independence right away whether you’re a start-up or an already successful entrepreneur.

Brochures and marketing

Our brochures and marketing tools will be provided to you immediately online in several languages, allowing you to get started with international marketing. Whether you become a small player or a larger global player is up to you.


Our OliveNetSets are one-of-a-kind and offer a once-in-a-lifetime chance to participate as a pioneer in a completely new technology. Whether you’re a start-up or an already successful entrepreneur, we have the right starter packet available for us to begin making history together.

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