He who speaks with the trees

For many years, the connection that I have with my olive trees has deepened into a wonderful friendship. At the lowest point of my life, they were the ones that were there and returned my confidence. In those dark moments, they were the ones that helped me to again shape my lips into a smile. Through them, I discovered a sense of trust, my faith, and how to bring balance to my life. Through them, I was able to learn that it is actually possible to establish a form of communication with trees - like any other form of communication. They taught me that we are all connected to everything, and that, only together, may we feel whole. They made clear to me how thoughts act creatively. They granted me the wisdom to learn how happiness, even after death, is rooted in the quest of revealing who we are in our core and to allow our true nature to emerge. In moments of tranquility, the voice of our hearts will be our guiding lights.

Thomas Lommel

„ Back then, when I told people that I can speak to tress, they looked at me like I was crazy when said that they can be master teachers, naturopaths, and partners at the same time. Nowadays, it’s the stuff of best-selling books and top rated talk shows “

Since 1997, Thomas Lommel has dreamed of sharing his life-changing experiences with as many others as possible, and out of this dream, came a mission. Together with artists, university professors, life science researchers, physicists, and IT specialists, he answered the calling of this extraordinary undertaking. Giving a voice to the mountain olive trees, allowing that voice to be heard, and enabling us all to connect 24/7 with our own companion, master teacher, and naturopath. One can live outside the rules of nature for only so long before the disconnect becomes symptomatic. With the increasing spread of lifestyle diseases such as burnout, depression, nervousness, sleep disorders, and cardiovascular disease, to name just a few, it is becoming ever more clear that holistic methods of treatment deserve more attention in order to weaken the causes of the imbalance, and thereby to eradicate lifestyle diseases.

With Olive Tree People, Thomas Lommel, founder of the cult label OLIVEDA, has fulfilled his wildest dream. However, with only one million mountain olive trees, we are only able to fulfill a small part of the emerging demand. Nevertheless, for each individual this can grant entry into a whole new dimension.

Almost 20 years ago, the darkest time in his life forged Thomas Lommel’s way to his true calling...

Professionally, privately and especially with regard to his health, Thomas Lommel was in free fall – his entire life was in a shambles. Prescription drugs in their highest dosages were no longer helping him. Following his instincts, the former real estate investor treated himself with a self-created therapy based solely on the life forces of the olive tree. "One only needs to take one look at these trees to then ask themselves, how it can be possible for them to thrive in the most unforgiving environments, and still live to be thousands of years old to come to the conclusion that something inside them is stronger than all the adversities of life," is how he describes his revelation. Lommel integrated olive oil in all areas of his daily life: as a pure remedy, as an addition to all components of his instinctive, Mediterranean diet, and as an exclusive skin care product. The only “drug” he takes now is an extract from ground olive leaves that contains all the positive attributes of olive oil in a 3,000-times higher concentration. And he experienced astounding success! In spite of the fact that he has discontinued use of all medications that conventional medicine has to offer, his health remains stable and his doctors have confirmed a successful recovery. "I owe my new lease on life to the olive trees," he explains.

Throughout the entirety of this period, Lommel also formed a constant connection to “his” olive trees and later developed his Olive Tree Mediation through which their energy helped him through the most difficult phase of his life. “It may sound crazy, but I felt connected to them, even though I had never seen them up-close. The trees communicated with me, and gave me strength and confidence,” he says.

This almost magical experience with "his olive trees", as he calls them, still forms the basis of all of his global activities. Thomas Lommel bought his first olive tree grove in Andalusia, Spain and withdrew himself inside an olive-tree house, where he developed the Olive Tree Therapy - a Mediterranean detox, and the first step toward his heart’s true desire: the company, OLIVEDA. "I wanted to share the incredible potency of the olive tree, whose effects that I had experienced on my own body, with everyone.”

Today, more than 20,000 extensively managed mountain olive trees that occupy 2.5 million square meters (965 square miles) of land in a nature reserve, provide the essential ingredients for almost fifty products produced by OLIVEDA. The key ingredient in all of our cosmetic products is the prized and highly effective beauty elixir made from fresh olive leaves that completely replaces the up to 70 % water content in conventional cosmetics, and which leaves no need for the use of preservatives. In addition to cosmetics for topical use, Lommel attaches great importance to health from within. With his slogan for OLIVEDA, "Beauty that comes from within, and radiates to the world," and with cult product such as avancierten OLIVEDA mouth drawing oil, the one-of-a-kind OliveMatchas and Hydroxytyrosol Capsules containing the strongest polyphenol the olive tree has to offer, Thomas Lommel has transformed the beauty industry and, for his part, revolutionized it.

Lommel is in constant pursuit of the power of nature. "Our olive tree groves are in a protected nature reserve, where they have been allowed to grow for centuries – just as nature intended. They are extensively managed and have been neither fertilized nor sprayed been for decades and they receive no additional water, which is why they contain this incredible primordial force that arises when you have to struggle to survive. Therefore, they provide a totally different energy and knowledge as compared with trees from monocultures, which are farmed conventionally," explains Lommel. Despite, or perhaps because of this return to and love of nature, the certificates that he has received and the organic seal on his products simply don’t concern him. "It's about the special power and energy of these survivalists. Nature is unrivaled."

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