An wristband as a transmitter for the energy & ancient knowledge from the mountain olive tree.

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Olive - your companion throughout the day

Olive provides you not only with 24/7 information about your heart, skin resistance, light irradiation, and other standard information - Olive connects you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the power of nature and the 7000 year old olive tree science of our mountain olive trees. It’s like living in a 24/7 homeopathic course of treatment – properly dosed and regimented by your own private naturopath. A permanent Mediterranean Ayurveda whose only goal is to promote the beauty within, and to let it shine in the outside world.

Ancient knowledge from the olive tree, homeopathy, naturopath, olive tree meditation.

Olive Tree Software

Olive to go

Even when en route sitting in a plane or in the Amazons without a connection, Olive will always be there for you with more than enough stored energy.


„Since I have connected to my life-tree,

I sleep again at night as if I’m lying on a bed of feathers. I feel full of energy, have voted positive, am more well tempered, and I receive compliments about my charisma on a regular basis. It‘s almost like magic - everything adds up to the best.“

„True environmental thinking

actually starts with rethinking. Mankind is not the center of the universe, but a rather fellow creation in a much greater living system. The earth doesn’t belong solely to us, but rather we belong to the earth. For more than 400 million years, trees have called the earth their home – 100-times longer than us. We can - no, we must learn from them how to behave socially, to network, and how to manage to still interact with one another despite the competition.“

„Since I am connected 24/7

with the mountain olive tree, I feel, in the truest sense of the word, connected with everything and at peace with myself. I‘m much more focused and am able to concentrate wholeheartedly on the truly important things in my life.“