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I49 Olive Matcha Sunrise


Sunrise Olive Matcha

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Provides good mood and strength for a perfect start to the day.
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This fruity tea made from our ground olive leaf matcha and tropical mango, ensures high spirits and a perfect start to the day. Our olive matcha is based on the finest ground olive leaves. Ground whole, the leaves retain their up to 3,000 fold concentration of vital nutrients than what is found in olive oil; promoting pure, beautiful, radiant skin from within. Our invigorating matcha is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that energize the body and boost the immune system.


As a tea, 1 g (= 1/2 tsp.) Of the powder is poured with 100-500 ml of boiling water. Suitable for immediate enjoyment. There are no limits to the creative handling of this superfood.


Olivenblätter (44 %), Japan Matcha, Aroma, Stevia, Hibiskusblüten.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Verena P.
I feel so good with OLIVEDA

I am finally at peace with myself and my appearance - a great feeling! This is certainly also due to the I66 and I70 and the olive matcha tea. Even my cellulite has become less. You can tell I'm totally Oliveda-infected, but I just feel so good with you guys - thanks for that.

Kim S.
Mein Lieblingstee

Und nun zum Matcha. Den liebe ich ganz besonders und begleitet mich jeden Morgen. Der Sunrise matcha schmeckt nach Sommer und gibt mir bei jedem Schluck das Gefühl mir etwas Gutes zu tun :). ich süße ihn gerne mit einem Löffel Honig, ist aber nicht nötig. Der Geschmack der Mango ist sehr intensiv.