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You don't know where to start?

OLIVE TREE PEOPLE is, as we affectionately say,
our "Mother Tree", around which
many more trees – our love
brands – grow.

The exciting journey into holistic beauty began many years ago with our “ancient and original tree” OLIVEDA – Olive Tree Pharmacy. Our "tree" LA DOPE, which has its roots in Los Angeles, is one of them. As are our new "trees" THE INTUITION of Nature and OLIVE re:connected to nature, under the umbrella of OLIVE TREE PEOPLE completely redefine holistic beauty. They are all connected through growing towards holistic beauty, or, as we at OLIVE TREE PEOPLE say: From Tree to Beauty.

For this reason, we protect overgrown, hundred-year-old mountain olive trees by buying large pieces of land, cultivating trees and land and eco-certifying them. These mountain olive trees do not only provide oxygen for hundreds of thousands of people, protect the soil from erosion and contribute to biodiversity, they also give us, in addition to our world-class, award-winning extra virgin olive oil, the autochthonous and worldwide unique beauty molecule Hydroxytyrosol, which perfectly protects human cells and enables the trees to live for up to 4,000 years.

With love and dedication, we at OLIVE TREE PEOPLE are making ancient formulas, which are based on earthly wisdom and carry the life-force of the wonderful mountain olive trees, accessible for everyone. To create a natural cycle that makes it possible to protect and preserve the millennia-old high culture of the mountain olive trees. Our actions should contribute to a society that is developing more and more into an “Olive Tree Society” – a society that, like the olive tree, is a symbol for life, love, and peace.