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I88 Mouth Microbiome Care Oil Pulling


Mouth Microbiome Care Oil Pulling

Artikelnummer:   55033

Benefits the oral care, firmer skin, finer pores and well-being.

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Oil pulling vs. conventional mouthwash  

Make your oral health a long-term priority and forget about temporary solutions with traditional alcohol-based mouthwashes. Instead, dive into the fascinating world of OLIVEDA Olive Tree Therapy oil pulling and experience a true treat for your mouth. Pull this precious oil and feel how it stimulates your saliva production and gently removes plaque and tartar, giving tooth decay no chance. Your oral hygiene will be improved, unpleasant breath will be banished and your gums and enamel will be lovingly cared for. Shine with a smile that glows from within..

Benefit from healthy gums

OLIVEDA I88 Mouth Microbiome Care Pulling Oil is the ideal product to enhance and support your oral care and healthy microbiome. Feel how this wonderful oil increases the feeling of well-being in your mouth. Customers rave about the unique experience of oil pulling and how it lovingly cares for the gums. OLIVEDA Mouth Pulling Oil not only pampers your mouth, but also refines your pores and tightens your skin. Your overall well-being will improve!

Perfect for your daily oral care routine

OLIVEDA I88 Mouth Microbiome Care Pulling Oil is made in Germany and is free of alcohol, fluoride and preservatives. It contains no artificial flavors and is therefore safe to use for adults and children over 12 years of age (under supervision). It is recommended to perform oil pulling in the morning on an empty stomach. Incorporate OLIVEDA Olive Tree Therapy Mouth Pulling Oil into your daily oral care routine for long-term healthy mouth and radiant smile.


Every morning, before brushing your teeth, place a tablespoon in your mouth for 8-12 minutes and pull and move the oil back and forth between your teeth and in the roof of your mouth. It must be in constant motion during this time. Then put the oil in a handkerchief and dispose of it.


olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, limonene, aroma, citral.

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