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Olive Tree Therapy at home Set
Olive Tree Therapy at home Set
Olive Tree Therapy at home Set
Olive Tree Therapy at home Set
Olive Tree Therapy at home Set
Olive Tree Therapy at home Set

Olive Tree Therapy at home Set

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Oliveda's Corrective Cleansing Gel cleanses your skin in a particularly gentle way without stripping it of moisture. The unique combination of hydroxytyrosol and plant sugar surfactants in conjunction with french lavender cleanse the skin deep into the pores, leaving your complexion radiantly fine and even. At the same time, the super antioxidant hydroxytrosol counteracts free radicals as well as pigmentation. Your skin will feel refreshed and supple after cleansing.
Application: Shake before use. Lather in hand with a little water and gently massage onto face. Rinse off carefully.


Highly effective Glow Tonic Corrective with lavender helps soothe the skin and rid it of dead skin cells. The super antioxidant Hydroxytyrosol and the vitamin C booster Camu Camu offer the best possible protection against free radicals and, in combination with Hyaluron, give the skin a radiant and youthful glow. The Glow Tonic Corrective is thus not only suitable for completing the facial cleansing ritual in the morning and evening, but also for application after shaving. Glow Tonic Corrective can also be used to help achieve a refined complexion.
Application: Shake before use. In the morning and evening after cleansing, pour the product into the palm of the hand, apply to the face and neck and press gently with the hands. Avoid the eye area.


This fine facial peeling is based on the highly effective fresh olive leaf cell elixir. The olive polyphenols hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein contained in the cell juice provide the skin with highly concentrated antioxidants. The finely ground olive kernel granules from the small black Arbequina olive very gently remove dead skin cells and conjure up a fresh, smooth complexion - without drying out or even causing irritation. Suitable for all skin types, even very sensitive, irritated and stressed skin.
Application: Apply the scrub in gentle movements to wet skin and rinse off with water. Use 1 time a week or as needed.


Rich and made from black pureed Arbequina olives, this mask is a true moisture booster, restoring lost moisture to dehydrated skin. It nourishes, relaxes, regenerates and improves its elasticity and tone. The highly effective and fresh olive leaf cell elixir intensifies the skin care effect many times over. The complexion glows again with a healthy glow, is rosy-fresh and young. Also for very sensitive, irritated and sun-stressed skin.
Application: Apply to cleansed, dry skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 10 minutes and then remove with plenty of lukewarm water. Recommended 1-2 times a week.


This highly concentrated face serum firms, tightens, repairs and regenerates stressed and dehydrated skin. With plenty of anti-aging power such as fresh olive leaf cell elixir, the serum is a true fountain of youth. It is quickly absorbed into the skin, moisturizes and nourishes it, refines the pores, reduces pigmentation spots and smoothes out wrinkles with an instant effect. The complexion regains its vitality and radiates with a youthful glow.
Application: Shake before use. Morning and evening the ideal base under the face cream Anti Aging or face cream Cell Active.


The Cell Actice Face Oil is a true multi-talent and the new must-have! The "OLIVEDA GLOW" complex and the active ingredients of the mountain olive tree give the cells new energy, so that the skin looks soft, supple and radiant again. In addition, the high-quality combination of exclusive super antioxidants from the mountain olive tree protects the skin from negative environmental influences. Cell Active Face Oil combines everything that makes OLIVEDA oils unique: finest Arbequina oil from the natural reserve, gentle cold pressing and the insertion of olive leaves for several weeks - for the maximum antioxidant and nutrient boost! An intensive care that is clearly noticeable and visible.
Application: Apply after cleansing in the morning and evening in combination with OLIVEDA's Cell Active Serum Face. To do this, apply Serum Face to the palm of your hand as desired and add 3-4 drops of Cell Active Face Oil per pipette. Mix, apply and glow! Although Cell Active Face Oil was designed as a super booster for Cell Active Serum Face, it is also excellent to use as a single product.


OLIVEDA Midnight Elixir Corrective combines retinol, arbequina and kahai oil with the patented "hyaluron in oil complex" and the regenerating super olive tree antioxidant hydroxytyrosol. The result is a unique active complex that regenerates and tightens the skin overnight, reduces wrinkles and enhances the luminosity of the skin while you sleep.
The delicate fragrance of bergamot and neroli relaxes the senses and makes them feel calm. Warm lily, tuberose and ylang-ylang blend with sweet caramel and honey and beguiling cedar and musk to create an exciting and harmonious mix.
Application: Shake before use. Place a few drops of Midnight Elixir on the back of the hand, pick up with fingertips, dab onto cheeks, forehead, chin and décolleté and smooth evenly.


This highly active anti-aging cream contains the olive polyphenols oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol. These two natural anti-aging active ingredients stimulate the cells and thus prolong their life. The natural functions of the skin are regulated again, skin elasticity is improved and thus the visible signs of aging are significantly reduced. The gently acting avocado oil supports the reconstruction of the skin and provides it with plenty of moisture. It looks youthfully young, smooth and even.
Application: Apply to the face in the morning and evening, avoiding the eye area.


OLIVEDA Lifting Eye Elixir is based on triple hyaluronic acid, which combines the unique hydroxytyrosol from the mountain olive tree with the jamboo extract of paracress and panthenol. This exclusive OLIVEDA active complex promotes the natural activity of the cells and thus gives the eye area a firmer and more radiant appearance. It strengthens and smoothes the fine skin around the eyes and is particularly suitable for demanding, delicate skin. As a result, the eye area looks rejuvenated, toned and timelessly beautiful.
Application: Shake before use. Apply a drop of the elixir and massage gently around the eye area.


This gentle eye cream contains an active ingredient combination of olive leaf cell elixir and extracts from the black, sun-ripened Arbequina olive. This moisturizes the delicate eye area, tightens it and softens lines and small wrinkles. Crow's feet are gently smoothed and puffiness under the eyes is effectively reduced. Hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein act as true shields against harmful external influences. The eye area shines awake and visibly.
Application: Apply daily to the eye area, avoiding the upper eyelid. Gently pat in.


This gel from the olive leaf is unique in the world. Healing active ingredients from the olive polyphenols hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein act as true protective shields against harmful external influences. Whether skin impurities, redness, scars, neurodermatitis, sunburn or small abrasions - the gel from the olive leaf is almost a true miracle healer and can be used from head to toe.
Application: Shake before use. Apply to affected areas of the skin (face, body) up to 4 times a day.


The serum is based on the highly effective fresh olive leaf cell elixir. Extracts of olive leaf and black arbequina olive detoxify and purify the body. In combination with hibiscus extract, which contains essential fatty acids and antioxidants, the skin is visibly tightened, cellulite is reduced and fat reduction is supported. The skin is immediately noticeably vitalized, small wrinkles, e.g. on the décolleté, are smoothed. Suitable for all skin types, especially for very sensitive skin. An ideal anti-cellulite therapy.
Application: Massage well into arms, legs, buttocks, body and décolleté for 5 minutes daily in the morning and evening. For best results, always use the body serum after bathing or showering.


This 100% organic body oil is the perfect moisturizer and nourisher and, due to its gossamer texture, is completely absorbed into the skin. Highly effective, multi-award winning Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fresh Olive Leaf Cell Elixir cushion, smooth and provide velvety soft and firm skin. Soothing lavender rebalances the body while sweet vanilla seduces the senses.
Application: Massage well daily in the morning and evening. For best results, always use the body oil after bathing or showering.


This fine oil binds pollutants that have accumulated in the mouth overnight and rids both it and the body of them. Bleeding gums and plaque on the tongue and teeth are reduced and receding gums quickly regain their balance. After 2-3 weeks, the complexion glows rosy-fresh and the skin appears more fine-pored. In addition, fat metabolism is stimulated and improved, and cholesterol levels are demonstrably lowered. The teeth also regain their natural whiteness and begin to shine again. The unique interaction between the olive tree polyphenols hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein, with the extract of medicinal herbs and Moroccan mint, forms an ideal synergy.
How to use: Every morning, before brushing your teeth, put a tablespoon in your mouth for 8-12 minutes, dragging and moving the oil back and forth between your teeth and in the roof of your mouth. It must be constantly in motion during this time. Then put the oil in a Kleenex and dispose of it.


This small drinking cure contains a lot of defense power against viruses and harmful environmental influences: The fresh, green olive leaf cell elixir: The antioxidants contained in it, in concentrations up to 3000 times higher than in olive oil, act as a true protective shield. They fend off free radicals highly effectively and thus prevent premature skin aging. The world's most vitamin C-rich fruit Camu Camu: With 21,000 to 500,000 ppm ascorbic acid, it exceeds the vitamin C content of oranges by a factor of 30, is rich in iron and thus protects against viruses and harmful environmental influences.
With the concentrated vitality of the olive tree in this bottle, you will not only increase your well-being. You will simultaneously experience a harmonization between body and mind. The addition of the world's most vitamin C rich fruit, the Camu Camu, creates a synergy of taste and effect. ORAC stands for: Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity and describes the antioxidant value.
How to use: Shake before use. 2 pipettes or 1 teaspoon pure or together with juices (e.g. with freshly squeezed orange juice) 2-3 times before meals. Up to 10 ml a day. Children over 2 years of age take half of the recommended daily ration for adults, up to 5 ml a day. The recommended daily ration should not be exceeded. Once opened, please store the bottle in the refrigerator.


This refreshingly aromatic tea composition makes the skin glow with ground olive leaf, matcha, green peppermint, tangy lime and red chilli. Olivematcha tea is the world's first tea based on the finest ground olive leaf. The leaves are ground whole, so the valuable nutrients, which are up to 3,000 times more concentrated in the olive leaf than in olive oil, are fully preserved. From the inside, the full effect unfolds and radiates outward for beautiful and healthy skin. Invigorating matcha has plenty of vitamins and antioxidants, energizes the body and boosts the immune system.
How to use: As a tea, infuse 1 g (=1/2 tsp.) of the powder with (depending on taste) 100-500 ml of boiling water. Suitable for immediate consumption. There are no limits to the creative use of this superfood.


In the natural reserve Arroyomolinos de León, where the olives for the multiple award-winning OLIVEDA Extra Virgin Olive Oil grow, they are harvested and sorted by hand as they have been for thousands of years. And with the greatest sensitivity: olives are extremely sensitive to pressure. If they are bruised or damaged in such a way that the flesh comes into contact with oxygen, an oxidation process begins in the fatty acids of the olives, which significantly reduces the quality of the oil. This makes harvesting the most laborious part of olive cultivation. Experienced pickers harvest nine to ten kilos of olives per hour - and if one assumes that four to nine kilos of olives are needed for one liter of oil, depending on the oil content of the fruit, it quickly becomes clear that a large part of the later selling price of a good oil must be invested in the harvest.


A radiant complexion, measurable health results, or the mere pleasure of finally being able to sleep properly - the positive results of olive tree therapy are as complex as the needs of its users. This book is a motivating guide to an individual, conscious and health-promoting lifestyle. Embedded in the recovery and success story of OLIVEDA founder Thomas Lommel, author Daniela Jambrek describes her personal experiences with olive tree therapy and takes readers into the healing world of olive trees in a way that is both entertaining and informative.  

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Michaela B.
Vielen vielen Dank, dass ich wieder ich sein kann!

Ich habe dank der persönlichen Beratung von Oliveda die empfohlenen Produkte gekauft! Ich muss zugeben, dass ich zunächst skeptisch war. Schon viel zu oft war ich von derart gehypten Produkten enttäuscht worden. Schon am 3. Tag nach der Einnahme von The Beauty Molecule spürte ich selbst eine Besserung meiner Haut und meines Bindegewebes. Die Haut wirkte wesentlich hydrierter, das Bindegewebe schien fester. Meiner Mutter fiel dies auch auf, weshalb sie direkt mit einstieg. Nach einer Woche schließlich hatte ich morgens einmal keine Zeit mich komplett zu restaurieren. Seit Jahren war ich nicht mehr ohne Make Up aus dem Haus gegangen. Ich habe keine klassische Problemhaut, doch mit mittlerweile 38 Jahren gibt es nun mal ein paar kleinere Falten, Pigmentstörungen, die in der Familie liegen und die eine oder andere Rötung. Ich fühlte mich nicht unwohl. Eher etwas nackt. Als ich an diesem Tag dann tatsächlich bis auf Mascara und meine Oliveda Pflege einkaufen ging, passierte das Unglaubliche. Ich wurde nicht einmal oder zweimal von Bekannten angesprochen, sondern auch von meiner Lieblingsapothekerin und Kassiererin aus dem Supermarkt – ganze 3 Mal an einem Tag. Ich wurde gefragt, ob ich schwanger oder verliebt sei, weil ich so strahlen würde, so prall und gesund aussähe. Dreimal von drei vollkommen unabhängigen Personen und Zeitpunkten. Was soll ich sagen?! Ich bin nicht schwanger und nicht verliebt. Außer nun in meine Haut! Seit diesem Tag trage ich keinerlei Make Up mehr. Ich fühle mich wohler. Leichter. Frischer. Schöner! Ich kann Oliveda tatsächlich gar nicht genug danken! Dies ist keine Schmeichelei! Ich bin absolut so überzeugt und glücklich und fühle mich endlich wieder wohl in meiner Haut!

Vielen vielen Dank, dass ich wieder ich sein kann!

Ines Strutz
Wie immer, perfekt.

Ich liebe die Produkte von Oliveda.