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You don't know where to start?

Dope your wrinkles
from within ...

1 + 1 = <3


Hemp Plant

Active Ingredients:

Hemp Extract

Olea Europaea

Active Ingredients:

Hydroxytyrosol C8H10O3
Oleuropein C25H32O13

Los Angeles, 2016. OLIVEDA founder Thomas Lommel first consciously came into contact with the hemp plant. They and the olive tree are the two oldest cultivated plants on Earth.

In Los Angeles, hemp was already on everyone‘s lips and had triggered a mega-boom. So, it was almost impossible not to come into contact with it. After Lommel started in 2015 following his passion project to research the vibrational frequencies of the mountain olive trees with their human-balancing abilities, he was primarily interested in making the transforming vibrational frequencies of the hemp plant audible. Four years and 28 days later, on November 9, 2019, he made the vibrational frequencies of hemp ring out on the occasion of the first OLIVEDA blogger event in Los Angeles.

Up to this point, he had dealt intensively with the transforming energy of hemp - of course in connection with the cell elixir of the olive leaf, which he developed many years earlier in the legendary OLIVEDA tree house. These natural ingredients are great on their own, but together they create a symphony.

It is like bringing together what belongs together; united, the two oldest cultivated plants on earth enrich one another. We call their interaction synergy or 1 + 1 = <3. In keeping with our philosophy: What is best for the inside must also be the best for the outside - our largest organ, the skin.

In October 2019, OLIVEDA International Inc. then took over a majority stake in LA DOPE Inc., based in Los Angeles, and since then, has developed almost 50 mutually enriching and holistic recipes. True to the OLIVEDA tradition, we also start at LA DOPE with products for internal use. The foundation stone is laid by the 001 Internal Hemp Beauty Elixir, which for the first time in the world, combines the super beauty molecules hemp and hyaluronic acid. Beauty that comes from within and radiates outwards - or as we say at LA DOPE: Dope your wrinkles from within.